My name is Johnny "Don Herodotus". I'm a Brother of Phi Iota Alpha. I'm a Senior in college majoring in History and minoring in Photography. I'm half Honduran and half Salvadorian and I live in New York but spend a lot of time in LA where I was born. Feel Free to leave me a message and all that!

Fandoms: Once Upon a Time, ATLA/LOK-Teen Titans-Adventure Time-Doctor Who-Grimm-HP-DC Comics-Parks and Rec-Regular Show and that's all I got for now.

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La Essencia Del Guaguanco from the 1969 Fania lp “La Perfecta Combinacion”  Johnny Pacheco with Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez. El Conde breaking down the essence of guaguanco for the young singers.    

  • Track: La esencia del guaguanco
  • Artist: Johnny Pacheco con Pete "Conde" Rodriguez
  • Album: La perfecta combinación
  • Plays: 6